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Pacific Palisades Toy Store: Our Guide on finding Toys for Your Little One’s Age

Throughout the first years of a child’s life, toys play a pivotal role in their development, learning, and even the way they perceive the world. However, that does not mean that all children’s toys are the best for your little one. In fact, some toys may be better for your little one depending on their age!

This is because children go through many different stages of development as they age. Furthermore, not all children advance through those stages at the same rate. So, how exactly do you know which toys are best for your growing child? It’s simple – just read through our age-by-age guide on children’s toys!

0-6 Months

At this age, newborns spend much of their time sleeping and simply taking in their surroundings. They usually develop the ability to grasp objects later in life. That being said, this age range still plays an important part of their development. Allow your newborn to discover their auditory and visual senses by providing them with quilts, toys, and dolls that have bright, high-contrast color schemes or musical cues like chimes!

6-12 Months

As children enter the second half of their first year, their motor skills will come into play. This empowers them to interact with products from a Pacific Palisades toy store – like Loomey’s Toys – in new and educational ways! For example, toys that provide a cause-and-effect experience – think pop-up toys, rattles, and more – or even just basic sensory experiences, like banging, dropping, or stacking, are sure to entice your little one.

1-2 Years

Brace yourself – these toddlers are ready to explore! At these ages, children will typically learn how to walk, push, ride, and even climb. As such, toys that encourage experimentation and manipulation are key to driving their development. Consider purchasing toys like push-pull toys, wagons, and puzzles to allow them to experiment on their own.

2-3 Years

After developing key motor skills, toddlers will put them to the test at this age. In addition to mastering the functions for jumping, climbing, and throwing, these little ones also often have good hand and finger coordination. Basic crafts, various puzzles, and even puppets are all good fits for these toddlers. Imagination typically grows in a child’s third year, and your little one’s creativity will grow thanks to toys that enable that.

3-6 Years

After turning three, many children begin to explore the realm of social interaction and comradery. Often, this may take the form of children playing pretend with one another or otherwise acting out adult roles such as doctors and teachers. Little ones between 3 and 6 will often develop strong attachments to their favorite toys, so it is especially important to pick out sustainable toys from Pacific Palisades stores that they will love for years and years to come.

Children of all ages love to receive toys at every stage of their development. At Loomey’s Toys, we offer a wide variety of children’s toys that are sure to suit your little one’s fancy no matter how old they are! See us in store or call to learn more about the best toys for your child.

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