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Our Story


Your Friendly Neighborhood Toy Boutique

Loomey’s Toy Boutique was founded by Pacific Palisades native, Amanda Rastegar, with a mission of cultivating a community-centric experience where families can enjoy quality products, weekly events and delightful playtime. Rastegar has had a lifetime love of toys, which led her to switch careers as an executive assistant for senior management to pursue her dream of owning a community toy store. Rastegar built Loomey’s on a foundation of investment into her community. 

Loomey's Toy Boutique features a variety of hand-picked toys, gifts, and more for children and their families. Built on a mission of sustainability, our products are safe for your little ones and the environment. With a collection for every age group, we happily offer items to foster creativity, learning and playtime.

"As a mother, I recognized how important playtime was when fostering creativity and creating new learning experiences for my own children. That’s why I created Loomey’s Toy Boutique. I want to create a space in my own neighborhood for children and parents alike to come enjoy life together.”
– Amanda Rastegar

Loomey’s is designed to not only be an incredibly thoughtful place to purchase tangible items but also to be an oasis for children and their families to learn grow, play, and socialize in a welcoming, creative environment.


We also offer monthly and weekly events such as storytime with special guests, tea time, magic hour, and many more. Plus, we feature a gently used toy donation bin for kids and schools in need, and a portion of the shop's sales on certain days will go to underprivileged schools far and wide. 

"My vision is that Loomey's Toy Boutique will be a next-level shopping experience with friendly service where kids are known by name, free gift wrapping is offered, order-ahead & curbside pickup is available, and thoughtful gift-buying is essential. My goal is to bring the fun back to the kids of the Palisades after a hard couple of years." – Amanda Rastegar
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